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Isaiah's Response 6:8 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves people all over the world while bringing the good news of Jesus Christ.

We have connections in many countries and help meet various needs in as many as we can possibly facilitate.

There are no administrative costs. Every dollar shared is used to help others see the world through God’s eyes.

“Here am I, Send Me!” (Isaiah 6:8)

Dominican Republic, April 2018

I want to thank IR 6:8 for funding part of my trip to the DR. It was honestly one of the top weeks of my young life. I discovered a part of God that I never truly understood beforehand. That part is how God is love. I always knew that God loved us as His children but I never truly understood how God embodies love. I learned this through my different experiences with the children and on my day of outreach in the community spreading God’s word. 

I was able to for the first time help bring a woman to Christ which was a life-changing experience. I discovered how truly blessed I am to live in America and how large of an opportunity I have to spread God’s word here with all of the technology and resources at my fingertips.  

Another thing that I learned in the DR was how God controls the hearts of men. Normally I am a very closed off and quiet person but throughout the trip I felt an openness that I had never touched here with most of my friends and family that I was experiencing with a group of strangers on a daily basis. I am so thankful for that trip and it will drive me forward as I prepare to go to Houston Baptist University in hopes of one day becoming a pastor. Thank you again!
God Bless,
Christian Vaughn

Ecuador, October 2017


I love it when God presents the opportunity to meet a physical need and a spiritual need at the same time, something He did for a few of us recently in Ecuador. Criss Jami shares this thought, “Good works is giving to the poor and the helpless, but divine works is showing them their worth to the One who matters.” It was Jesus who said in Matthew 25:40, "‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’"

Roatan, August 2017

A group of 10 of us just returned from a mission "adventure" with IR6:8 to Roatan, Honduras.  I believe we all felt the Lord's presence leading and guiding our little group as we made our way to various schools from one end of the island to the other carrying clothing, shoes and food to be given.  The little we bring feels so small but the Lord continually reminds me that love and validation are not things that can be packaged and bought.  To give a smile, a hug and to demonstrate the love of God are the lasting gifts.  

My other favorite aspect of our trips are the devotionals that are given twice daily throughout the week by team members. These times help to bond the team and remind us that we all come from different life experiences, hurts, joys and pains yet we all found ourselves at the foot of the cross looking for a Savior.  Some of us crawled there, some ran, some stumbled upon it and some found it right where they were...stuck in the muck and mire.  That's what I love about the God, the Shepherd, we serve....He is never hesitant to leave the 99 to bring back the 1!  

Thank you IR6:8 and the awesome ministries you partner with, Clothing God's Children and Roatan Fisher's of Men, for the privilege of serving with you.  - Jamie Lucks

Nicaragua, July 2017

IR6:8 in partnership with Sojourn Montrose sent a team of 8 covenant members to León, Nicaragua with the organization Living Water International with the purpose of drilling a clean water well. The trip was incredibly enriching on a personal level for the team, but more than that, the Gospel was proclaimed in word and deed to the community as we labored in the name of Jesus for water that comes in and through his name.

The Sojourn Drilling Team encountered challenges from illness to volcanic rock. We were forced to abandon a well in one community and were moved to a new community to drill an entirely different well, an experience that challenged us to trust in what God had us there to accomplish. Payton Simpson, speaking of the experience, said, “we had to be content with just taking part in projects that will be finished, hopefully, at a later date. This took on a greater meaning for me as I reflected on how big God is, and that his plans are certainly far grander and more elaborate than I can fathom. Consequently, when it comes to kingdom building of any kind, I have to be okay with playing the role he assigns, even if it means not seeing much fruit in my labor or getting to put my name on a plaque when the work is done.“

The Hygiene Team labored to teach the community clean and safe practices to avoid and recover from illness when it arises. The team linked their teaching to the gospel of Jesus, and how he cleans and purifies us through the gospel. Jordan Griebner, who works for Living Water here in Houston and has been on numerous Living Water trips, was again reminded of God’s faithfulness: “On a trip, it’s easy for me to see evidence of God’s faithfulness when water first comes out of the finished well. Even though we weren’t able to see that happen this week, God reminded me that He is still faithful. I may have a certain idea of how things should go, but I have to trust that the Lord’s plans are better than mine, and he will use us in the way that He wants for His glory.”

As the Drilling Team moved to our second community after being unable to continuing drilling at the first, it was evident why God brought us there. “I learned to be patient. I wanted so badly to stay at the first community, but after seeing the second one realizing they needed it so much more.” reflects Craig Räisänen. In this second community, it became apparent that they were in dire need of fresh water, the arrival and work of the Drilling Team sped up that process.

Back in the states, our team has a new perspective of the world, ourselves and the way God works all things for good. Markham Stayton reflects, “This trip was a very refreshing experience for me. It was a blessing to see God work in us as we helped others and got to experience the universal language of smiling and laughing with other people that speak a different language than us. To see both the community and our team, both of which are God's people, working in unison together was humbling and rewarding…praise God that He is in control and that it's Him we put our faith in.” 

Sojourn Montrose was proud to partner with Living Water. In the next few months, we plan to pray and seek what the Lord has for our international partnerships. Please consider joining us on our next trip to serve the nations in the Name of Jesus!

Reid Squires

Pastor of Operations and Administration

Guatemala, November 2016

Ecuador, October 2016

LSC - Footwashing.jpg

Thank you IR6:8 for including me in your adventure to Ecuador.  I was so humbled by the opportunity to wash Pastora Clemencia feet.  Pastor Aurelio and Pastora Clemencia, from the Cebadas, Ecuador communities are such examples and servants of the Lord. Hearing their testimonies, daily sacrifices and how they listen and follow Christ touches my heart. We should be more like them in our daily walk.

John 13:1-17.  Verse 14-15 says: Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another's feet.  I have set the example that you and you should do as I have done for you.  My heart was truly touched and blessed. I can't wait to go back with IR 6:8.

- Linda Casey

Pastor Fred Dallas and Isaiah’s Response 6:8 did a remarkable job bringing three disparate churches together – two from the Houston, Texas area and one from Excel, Alabama – and through the common denominator of Jesus we immediately became more than a team, but family!

Together we shared, and were the hands and feet of Jesus to the citizens of Quito and Riobamba, and to the Quechua people groups in the villages of Pachancho, Cebados, and Guaron. From the first prayer as a group of twelve to the last, we felt the Holy Spirit’s presence as we planted crops, installed lights, built church pews, unloaded bricks, excavated dirt, celebrated church anniversaries, purchased and served food, taught and loved on children, passed out tracts, and most importantly, shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The accommodations, the food, and the local support team were second-to-none. Our hearts are full and we can’t wait for God to call us to our next adventure!

-Hardy and Liana Fairbanks

Roatan Fisher of Men, September 2016

Pachancho Update: Big greenhouse completed!

The greenhouse is about 100 yards long and 40 yards wide. Yesterday we planted tomatoes. At present we are building a 20 thousand  gallons water tank, as right now we are using water from a plastic tank until we finish it.

We are already using vegetables from first greenhouse to feed the children at the soup kitchen. Everyday we can see how God is loving on the people of Pachancho specially on the children who are not going hungry home no more and learning the Word of God.

With pure joy and tears I share with you all of this to thank YOU for letting God use your lives to change an entire communities and impacting surrounding  areas as well!!! 

Noris Katerine Aguirre (Katty)
Missionary, Ecuado

Ecuador Mission Trip, May 2016

May 2016, Earthquake in Ecuador

NEWS OF AN EARTHQUAKE - ACTUALLY TWO!!! Just a word for all those concerned. There was an earthquake (really what is called an aftershock) that struck Ecuador last night. All is well. The team is still headed to Pachancho and planting seeds for the King of Kings. Having said that, the team leader, Ken Bridges, is asking for continued prayer for those that have been affected by the earthquake. It has been devastating for many in this beautiful, beautiful country. Again, all the participants on the IR68 Team, all those working in support are doing just fine. 

January 2016, Roatan, Honduras

November 2015, Ecuador

Linda Susie Casey.jpg

As I was planning on returning to Ecuador to spend time with Katty Aguirre of One Heart Ministries, I found myself joining a group from IR6:8.  God is so amazing to allow me to join a wonderful group of Christians that share my same mission goals.  Minister, share and serve God's people. 
We were able to spend time in Panchancho painting the inside of church in which was only a dream of Katty’s over a year ago.  I knew God would provide.  Having the opportunity to minister and fellowship with the people in the community was amazing. 
We painted the inside of the church in 2 days and got everything ready for the church dedication/celebration.  In attendance were 300-400 people from the different communities.  Pastor Ricardo is such a blessing to the people in the community. May God continue to bless One Heart Ministries and the people of Panchancho.
I thank Pastor Fred Dallas, Ken Bridges, Jerry Edrington, Heather Brodersen, Steven Goldman, Tom Dallago, Steve Barr, Vicki Clemmons, Jamie Lucks, Zelia Castillo and Silvio Castillo for allowing me to join their group. You all are now part of my family.  God put each one of you in my life and heart for a reason.
If I have the chance in the future I will travel with this group again.

Linda Casey, Repton Alabama

Silvio and I would like to thank IR6:8 for the opportunity to experience a life changing mission adventure in Ecuador with the warm people in Pachanco Riobamba. We really got to see and feel God's love like never before in the fellowship. The compassion that was shown for all involved (Ecuadorians and the mission group) will forever be in our hearts and in our minds. 

The interaction with the kids was awesome. You could tell they were hungry for the love that was given. The church that was built and painted will be a life changing experience for everyone. They now have a church to worship in. 

Wow!!! what an opportunity you gave us to be the hands and feet of God.  May God continue to bless your ministry so that others will experience the impacting love and work that your ministry shares abroad. IR6:8 is definitely making the WORLD a better place abroad and at home as we continue to live out our mission walk.

Thanks again for allowing us to this opportunity to serve along beside you guys.

In Christ,
Silvio & Zelia Castillo

October 2015, Roatan, Honduras

IR68 has the opportunity to minister alongside of Elmer Bush in Roatan, Honduras.  Please look at this short video.  Elmer and his wife speak of their ministry as they share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the children of this beautiful island.  

August 2015, Dominican Republic

I haven't been able to find the words to express what a life changing experience it was for me. The boys thoroughly loved it as well. Thanks does not begin to say it. So I will just say thanks for making it possible and God Bless y'all.

-Trisha Woods

Our April 2015 Mission Trip to El Salvador. We went to bring fresh clean water and God’s Love to people in need, but we received blessings from them that cannot be measured.  Thanks to Tom Dallago for sharing this slideshow!

April 12, 2015, Guatemala

Please pray for the Guatemala team that left yesterday to dig a fresh water well with Living Water International!

Join us for a trip in 2015!

IR68 will be involved with mission trips to Guatemala, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Peru and Slovenia.

Visit our Trips page for more info

March 2015, Ecuador

Ecuador 2015.jpg

At slightly less than 14,000 ft in elevation the gospel is being shared in Ecuador. Washing feet and giving shoes, a need is met. The love of God is for all the world - even those living above the tree line.

March 2015, Guatemala

There are as many stories in these pictures as there are people - stories of God's calling, God's forgiveness and grace, stories of His redemption, renewal, and restoration. There is surrender, there is the miracle of new birth, and a new family in Christ. 

December 3, 2014, Costa Rica

Dani and Maria Jose Valverde are a beautiful young couple who are making numerous sacrifices to be a witness for Christ and build a church in Nosara, Costa Rica.  Dani and Maria Jose, and their three-month old son, Felipe, are in the states to share of their work and their calling. We found them to be absolutely delightful people with a strong call from God. Dani is an architect by training and Mary is a teacher. Both have passion for God's work.

November 18, 2014, Guatemala

Take a look at this video presentation of the plight of orphans in Guatemala and the steps of love being taken by many to alleviate their pain and suffering. Ken Bridges, Rick Swanson, Jerry Wade, and Fred Dallas traveled to Guatemala Nov. 16-18 to work alongside Love the Child

September 17, 2014, Guatemala

New pictures from the Guatemala team!

A team led by Dave Owen of Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas (North Campus) spent September 6-13 working in cooperation with Living Water International. The idea is to bring clean water to a village, but more importantly they are bringing the love of Christ with them.

September, 2014, Peru

Keep me in your prayers. I'm headed to Cusco, Peru in just a few weeks to see an old friend, Gilmar Pinelo and visit a few orphanages. Ladies of our church are quilting, sending me with gifts and beanie babies. September 14-20 of this year. Thank you, all of you for your support and encouragement.     -Fred Dallas, Houston, TX

July 2014, Dominican Republic

AIM_logo (small).jpg

Pray for our team that will serve with Athletic Missions International July 15-22 in Sosua and San Luis.  

Check out this video from the team that traveled there with AIM last year!

April/May 2014, Guatemala

One of the blessings of being at the Olympics is the opportunity to lift up a prayer for either the athletes or in this case the parents of two of the young ladies participating in the Women's Ice Hockey Team. Pierre and Linda Lamoureux. Their twin daughters will be on the ice shortly playing for the USA. — at Fisht Olympic Stadium.  

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