Ecuador, October 2017


I love it when God presents the opportunity to meet a physical need and a spiritual need at the same time, something He did for a few of us recently in Ecuador. Criss Jami shares this thought, “Good works is giving to the poor and the helpless, but divine works is showing them their worth to the One who matters.” It was Jesus who said in Matthew 25:40, "‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’"


Roatan, August 2017


A group of 10 of us just returned from a mission "adventure" with IR6:8 to Roatan, Honduras.  I believe we all felt the Lord's presence leading and guiding our little group as we made our way to various schools from one end of the island to the other carrying clothing, shoes and food to be given.  The little we bring feels so small but the Lord continually reminds me that love and validation are not things that can be packaged and bought.  To give a smile, a hug and to demonstrate the love of God are the lasting gifts.  

My other favorite aspect of our trips are the devotionals that are given twice daily throughout the week by team members. These times help to bond the team and remind us that we all come from different life experiences, hurts, joys and pains yet we all found ourselves at the foot of the cross looking for a Savior.  Some of us crawled there, some ran, some stumbled upon it and some found it right where they were...stuck in the muck and mire.  That's what I love about the God, the Shepherd, we serve....He is never hesitant to leave the 99 to bring back the 1!  

Thank you IR6:8 and the awesome ministries you partner with, Clothing God's Children and Roatan Fisher's of Men, for the privilege of serving with you.  - Jamie Lucks

Nicaragua, July 2017


IR6:8 in partnership with Sojourn Montrose sent a team of 8 covenant members to León, Nicaragua with the organization Living Water International with the purpose of drilling a clean water well. The trip was incredibly enriching on a personal level for the team, but more than that, the Gospel was proclaimed in word and deed to the community as we labored in the name of Jesus for water that comes in and through his name.

The Sojourn Drilling Team encountered challenges from illness to volcanic rock. We were forced to abandon a well in one community and were moved to a new community to drill an entirely different well, an experience that challenged us to trust in what God had us there to accomplish. Payton Simpson, speaking of the experience, said, “we had to be content with just taking part in projects that will be finished, hopefully, at a later date. This took on a greater meaning for me as I reflected on how big God is, and that his plans are certainly far grander and more elaborate than I can fathom. Consequently, when it comes to kingdom building of any kind, I have to be okay with playing the role he assigns, even if it means not seeing much fruit in my labor or getting to put my name on a plaque when the work is done.“


The Hygiene Team labored to teach the community clean and safe practices to avoid and recover from illness when it arises. The team linked their teaching to the gospel of Jesus, and how he cleans and purifies us through the gospel. Jordan Griebner, who works for Living Water here in Houston and has been on numerous Living Water trips, was again reminded of God’s faithfulness: “On a trip, it’s easy for me to see evidence of God’s faithfulness when water first comes out of the finished well. Even though we weren’t able to see that happen this week, God reminded me that He is still faithful. I may have a certain idea of how things should go, but I have to trust that the Lord’s plans are better than mine, and he will use us in the way that He wants for His glory.”

As the Drilling Team moved to our second community after being unable to continuing drilling at the first, it was evident why God brought us there. “I learned to be patient. I wanted so badly to stay at the first community, but after seeing the second one realizing they needed it so much more.” reflects Craig Räisänen. In this second community, it became apparent that they were in dire need of fresh water, the arrival and work of the Drilling Team sped up that process.


Back in the states, our team has a new perspective of the world, ourselves and the way God works all things for good. Markham Stayton reflects, “This trip was a very refreshing experience for me. It was a blessing to see God work in us as we helped others and got to experience the universal language of smiling and laughing with other people that speak a different language than us. To see both the community and our team, both of which are God's people, working in unison together was humbling and rewarding…praise God that He is in control and that it's Him we put our faith in.” 

Sojourn Montrose was proud to partner with Living Water. In the next few months, we plan to pray and seek what the Lord has for our international partnerships. Please consider joining us on our next trip to serve the nations in the Name of Jesus!

Reid Squires

Pastor of Operations and Administration