Ecuador, April 2018

From one continent to the next, we are following the promptings of the Holy Spirit to simply GO and serve. (And learn.)

We try and make a difference for hundreds of children who have never even had a bath. After washing their feet we will give them their first pair new socks and boots. We will feed them, and give them backpacks with toiletries and school supplies. We brought quilts for the newborns and clothing for the elderly. We are also building and repairing homes. 
More important than all of the above, we are going to share the love of God with them. I know we will be blessed beyond words as God blesses them through our efforts of obedience to His commands. Please pray for us as He leads us to be his hands and feet.


Dominican Republic, April 2018


I want to thank IR 6:8 for funding part of my trip to the DR. It was honestly one of the top weeks of my young life. I discovered a part of God that I never truly understood beforehand. That part is how God is love. I always knew that God loved us as His children but I never truly understood how God embodies love. I learned this through my different experiences with the children and on my day of outreach in the community spreading God’s word. 

I was able to for the first time help bring a woman to Christ which was a life-changing experience. I discovered how truly blessed I am to live in America and how large of an opportunity I have to spread God’s word here with all of the technology and resources at my fingertips.  

Another thing that I learned in the DR was how God controls the hearts of men. Normally I am a very closed off and quiet person but throughout the trip I felt an openness that I had never touched here with most of my friends and family that I was experiencing with a group of strangers on a daily basis. I am so thankful for that trip and it will drive me forward as I prepare to go to Houston Baptist University in hopes of one day becoming a pastor. Thank you again!
God Bless,
Christian Vaughn

Rwanda, March 2018


I listened intently with my heart. I heard the stories firsthand, from actual survivors who have lost some, or all, of their family members. The pictures, videos, memorials, depicting the Genocide are everywhere, and even still, it’s difficult to grasp the extent of the savage grotesque execution style murders that took place. (Over one million innocent lives!) 
I then embraced several of the men who committed some of the killings, and listened to their stories. After hearing how broken they were, I realized these men were mere empty shells, overwhelmed by how the devil had owned them, and driven them to do his bidding.

Good Friday I was asked to speak before a large group of 75 “street kids”, I froze up!😳. I was numb. 
To be honest, I looked at their faces and only wanted to cry. Having experienced several days of anger and disgust in the human race, I wasn’t sure I was the right person to deliver a message of comfort. 
Then I heard my wife’s voice, reminding me to simply have faith, and trust God, He would deliver. 
I had basically introduced myself, and then promptly began to sink. It was at that very moment, God reached down, picked me up, and filled my heart with a message. A message that would deliver unconditional love to HIS children, (and me) All I had to do, was let go, and allow God to use my voice.  He reached out to His children, (and me) and touched their/our life!! I know this to be truth, because I was there, and I had a front row seat!!!! 
I would like to submit to you supporting evidence of what took place. I saw lives being transformed right before my eyes!!! These pictures are living proof that God is alive and well, as they capture the pure joy being restored in these children’s lives.

Guatemala, February 2018


I know the look, the feel and the sound of love. The visit to the HOME (orphanage)  in Guatemala was an awesome, wonderful, eye opening experience that took my heart to a new level. Sheryl, the wonderful American lady that is the “Mama Sheryl” to these children has given them so much love and a safe, beautiful environment for 22 years! ❤️ But it takes a village. Ken and his family have been devoted to this HOME for years. This HOME has thrived because of the commitment of Sheryl to be a fierce advocate for them but also the super support from loving, caring individuals that just want to help, support or give love to these beautiful children.

Homes need hands to help. Children need arms to nestle into. Needs are always needing to be met. (DIAPERS!!!). If you feel any tugging on your heart strings, I know just the little smiles to make you feel better. They are a plane ride away.

(All these little beauties are thriving.. but they ALL have stories that brought them here to the orphanage. Being sold by their parents, abandoned in dumps, under bridges, bus stops, under age mothers. But they are loved here and will be cared for until they find their Forever Family.)