IR68 Spotlight - Angel King

This past week has been a life changing experience.  I have fallen in love with the people of a small town that I can not say or spell, but they will forever be etched in my heart! I have seen God move and provide!  I have experienced worship in so many ways over the past week from loving others, moments that make a never ending memory, devotionals that draw you closer to others and our heavenly Father, singing outside with a group of people that are lifting their hearts to the Lord, to the celebration and praise of a well of which clean water flows... Thank you God for this experience!

In God's will is my longing

In His presence total peace 

My life I fully give

Eternity hope to see

A people with so little 

A desire to move a head

Communication broken with a smile, a touch, a hug

Laughter that resonates to the heavens up above

Culture an amount different

Beauty from within

Each day a new beginning

Future not always clear

God be their provider

Your voice I pray they hear

IR68 Spotlight - Joy Skero

2013 the ministry of IR68 helped support me as I served the Lord at Trinity Baptist Church in Denia, Spain. I know now that the two months I spent in Spain were preparation for what I would experience during my time in Chile in 2014. When preparing for a place you have never been and not really knowing much about the culture, so many things go through your mind. Thankfully I have learned from the experience of serving our Lord and Savior that when he is leading he will always provide all that you need!

 As I prayed about this trip, the Lord prepared my heart and He prepared the way.  I had the opportunity to speak with a representative of the International Mission Board and with Pastor Fred Dallas.  It became clear where I would go, what I would be doing, and thanks to IR68, how I would get there!

In Chile, I lived with a family while teaching English in schools, working with a church, and helping out at a youth camp.  In these places and as I travelled from place to place, it was my privilege to share the love of Jesus with the people I met, to encourage them, to pray with them, and even to learn from them as they shared their stories with me. 

I would say that the biggest thing I learned was to trust the Lord for the unknown; he always gave me the strength from day to day to serve him faithfully. I am blessed to say that because of the support of prayer, emotional support, and financial support from IR68 many lives were changed for the glory of the Lord. And I feel sure that my time is not done in Chile and one day I will be going back to serve there. 

40 Quilts provided to Hogar Amor del Niño in Mixco

Ken & Valerie Bridges

Ken & Valerie Bridges

Recently, flight attendants Valerie and Ken Bridges were able to use their layover time in Guatemala "covering babies in love..." During their 32 hours in Antigua, they delivered 40 hand made quilts to Hogar Amor del Niño in Mixco.

As Ken explains, "The connection to the orphanage began several years ago when we met flight attendant Mary Beth Lavin of Formula One Life which provides infant formula to the orphanage.  Mary Beth's passion for the orphans was enough to join our non-profit organization, IR 6:8, with hers and we have been working together ever since. During our visits to the home, we discovered the need for blankets.  So Valerie's mom encouraged some of her girlfriends to sew the quilts."

The quilts were well received by the children that range in age from 16 days to 15 years old.  A total of 54 children live at Amor Del Nino, so more quilts are being sewn for another special delivery soon!


Nueva Esperanza, Honduras Trip

A group of 3 fathers & 4 sons (ages 8-16) went to Nueva Esperanza, Honduras to help with the installation of a well, tank and distribution system that now provides the villagers with clean running water.  Previously the entire village of ~200 homes was dependent on a pick-up truck to bring their daily supply of drinking water, and the nearest (muddy) river is about a mile away.

This mission was coordinated through IR6:8 and 

Lifesong for Orphans/Tree of Life Ministries

AIM Dominican Republic Trip

102 people traveled to Sosua, Dominican Republic, for the 5th annual Athletics International Missions trip June 18-25.

From team leaders Steve & Tammy Barr, and Fred Billings:

We ministered to 5,000 Dominican boys and girls through sports, including soccer, baseball, volleyball and basketball. We delivered a plane load of used sports equipment to the coaches in 12 different communities, taught proper technique and played ball with the coaches and kids for a week, provided a hot dog lunch for each child each day, attended two street crusades, and held Bible studies and/or VBS each day in each community. 

The trip was a huge success with 1,000 of the youth making decisions for Christ and countless others being encouraged to walk ever closer to our Lord. IR6:8 provided both full and partial scholarships for 25 of the 102 participants (primarily high school and college athletes who otherwise would not have been able to go). 

The priority goals for AIM are:
a) to teach and support the local Dominican pastors and coaches and encourage them to work together to reach and disciple the children for Christ in their respective communities 
b) to evangelize Dominican adults, youth and children.


Nicaragua, Day 3 Update

From Marianne Schultz, team member:


Today was the last day for the hygiene team to give a lesson, since tomorrow is the well dedication.  Lisa began our morning with a devotion from Isaiah 41 which reminded us all of the importance of how we were chosen by God to reach the needy and the poor.  While the people of the village are not of the same economic status as us, I would not describe them as needy.  They are so content with their lives.  The women constantly overwhelm me with their strength to make it through the day without complaining despite all the work that is required of them.  We got the opportunity to give the ladies of the community a couple hygiene items in brown paper bags.  Afterwards, Kenia, our awesome hygienist, explained to us because the ladies were planning on keeping the bags for a long time they all wanted us to sign it.  

I was so honored to be the hands and feet of Christ, I almost began to cry.  Later on that day we were able to play with kids and strengthening our relationship with them.  The love and joy that all the children have and their willingness to pour it out on me amazes me.  I feel so blessed to have been a small part of this trip.

Nicaragua, Day 2 Update

From Meredith Thurman, team member:


Today has been absolutely amazing! David led our morning devotion to start off our day by reminding us the importance of contentment in ALL situations. God is the supplier of all of our needs, and He is the ultimate source of contentment. This was a great reminder for me as we went out today.

During our time in the village, the Hygiene Team had the opportunity to walk through the village and look at some of the houses. I was absolutely blown away by their lifestyle. The things they have to do on a day to day basis to survive and provide for their family seem major and extreme to me, but it is absolutely normal to them and what they are use to.

Despite how much of a challenge these men, women, and children face daily, their joy and contentment is evident. Their joy and smiles have blessed me so much, and I will carry these memories with me for the rest of my life!"

Nicaragua Team Update

From team leaders Daniel Clarke & David Schultz:

We had a very successful day today! The ladies have already begun to build relationships and had the opportunity to share Christ's love with a few women and several children. The drilling team made it 130 ft today. Tomorrow the plan is to widen the hole and set the PVC pipe if God wills.

Thank you so much for the prayers, we are incredibly grateful!


Update from Honduras

Dear Friends and Family,

I hope you are having a blessed start to your Sunday.  After landing in San Pedro Sula on Friday, we drove West 2 hours through the mountains to Nueva Esperanza (a settlement village) and then onto La Entrada (home of Tree of Life Ministries- Lifesong for Orphans Honduras).   Please see for more background.

The first village we went to is a new settlement of formerly homeless people that have been relocated to this village with the promise of a plot of land, if they built on it.  The livings conditions were bleak with dirt floored shacks made with discarded materials, open sewers and no source of clean water;  the nearest river is contaminated and the local farmer has thrown broken glass in the water to discourage the villagers from using it.  Tree of Life is routinely bringing food and water to the ~85 families (each with 6-12 people) and is building a school there this week…for ~100 kids. 

We then drove ~20 minutes to the West to the city of La Entrada, where we toured the home and school (for 7th grade through high school including trade school training).  They serve primarily orphan children (~35%) and vulnerable children (~65%, like those that come from Nueva Esperanza).  This year the student population is ~600, with 150 of them being new as of yesterday.  For the incoming group of 150, there were 500 applications, and almost all of them deserved to get a spot…maybe someday.  The orphans in Honduras are due to a number of factors, but mainly homicide, as Honduras is the second most violent country in the world, second only to Iraq.  Please do not worry, we have excellent friends/guides and of course the hedge of protection that your prayers are providing.

This morning, please pray for:

1)      The villagers of Nueva Esperanza that their 1) water 2) basic sanitation and 3) adequate housing needs will be met. 

2)      Continued success and eventual self-sufficiency for Tree of Life Ministries/Lifesong for Orphans Honduras so more orphans and vulnerable children in Honduras can be helped

3)      Protection for Guy, Elvin & the rest of the Tree of Life Mission team (and us too) so that we may continue to be the “hands and feet” of Christ to our brothers and sisters in need.

In Christ,

Adam & the Team