Update from Honduras

Dear Friends and Family,

I hope you are having a blessed start to your Sunday.  After landing in San Pedro Sula on Friday, we drove West 2 hours through the mountains to Nueva Esperanza (a settlement village) and then onto La Entrada (home of Tree of Life Ministries- Lifesong for Orphans Honduras).   Please see http://www.tolm.org/index.cfm for more background.

The first village we went to is a new settlement of formerly homeless people that have been relocated to this village with the promise of a plot of land, if they built on it.  The livings conditions were bleak with dirt floored shacks made with discarded materials, open sewers and no source of clean water;  the nearest river is contaminated and the local farmer has thrown broken glass in the water to discourage the villagers from using it.  Tree of Life is routinely bringing food and water to the ~85 families (each with 6-12 people) and is building a school there this week…for ~100 kids. 

We then drove ~20 minutes to the West to the city of La Entrada, where we toured the home and school (for 7th grade through high school including trade school training).  They serve primarily orphan children (~35%) and vulnerable children (~65%, like those that come from Nueva Esperanza).  This year the student population is ~600, with 150 of them being new as of yesterday.  For the incoming group of 150, there were 500 applications, and almost all of them deserved to get a spot…maybe someday.  The orphans in Honduras are due to a number of factors, but mainly homicide, as Honduras is the second most violent country in the world, second only to Iraq.  Please do not worry, we have excellent friends/guides and of course the hedge of protection that your prayers are providing.

This morning, please pray for:

1)      The villagers of Nueva Esperanza that their 1) water 2) basic sanitation and 3) adequate housing needs will be met. 

2)      Continued success and eventual self-sufficiency for Tree of Life Ministries/Lifesong for Orphans Honduras so more orphans and vulnerable children in Honduras can be helped

3)      Protection for Guy, Elvin & the rest of the Tree of Life Mission team (and us too) so that we may continue to be the “hands and feet” of Christ to our brothers and sisters in need.

In Christ,

Adam & the Team