Nicaragua, Day 3 Update

From Marianne Schultz, team member:


Today was the last day for the hygiene team to give a lesson, since tomorrow is the well dedication.  Lisa began our morning with a devotion from Isaiah 41 which reminded us all of the importance of how we were chosen by God to reach the needy and the poor.  While the people of the village are not of the same economic status as us, I would not describe them as needy.  They are so content with their lives.  The women constantly overwhelm me with their strength to make it through the day without complaining despite all the work that is required of them.  We got the opportunity to give the ladies of the community a couple hygiene items in brown paper bags.  Afterwards, Kenia, our awesome hygienist, explained to us because the ladies were planning on keeping the bags for a long time they all wanted us to sign it.  

I was so honored to be the hands and feet of Christ, I almost began to cry.  Later on that day we were able to play with kids and strengthening our relationship with them.  The love and joy that all the children have and their willingness to pour it out on me amazes me.  I feel so blessed to have been a small part of this trip.