IR68 Spotlight - Joy Skero

2013 the ministry of IR68 helped support me as I served the Lord at Trinity Baptist Church in Denia, Spain. I know now that the two months I spent in Spain were preparation for what I would experience during my time in Chile in 2014. When preparing for a place you have never been and not really knowing much about the culture, so many things go through your mind. Thankfully I have learned from the experience of serving our Lord and Savior that when he is leading he will always provide all that you need!

 As I prayed about this trip, the Lord prepared my heart and He prepared the way.  I had the opportunity to speak with a representative of the International Mission Board and with Pastor Fred Dallas.  It became clear where I would go, what I would be doing, and thanks to IR68, how I would get there!

In Chile, I lived with a family while teaching English in schools, working with a church, and helping out at a youth camp.  In these places and as I travelled from place to place, it was my privilege to share the love of Jesus with the people I met, to encourage them, to pray with them, and even to learn from them as they shared their stories with me. 

I would say that the biggest thing I learned was to trust the Lord for the unknown; he always gave me the strength from day to day to serve him faithfully. I am blessed to say that because of the support of prayer, emotional support, and financial support from IR68 many lives were changed for the glory of the Lord. And I feel sure that my time is not done in Chile and one day I will be going back to serve there.