IR68 Spotlight - Angel King

This past week has been a life changing experience.  I have fallen in love with the people of a small town that I can not say or spell, but they will forever be etched in my heart! I have seen God move and provide!  I have experienced worship in so many ways over the past week from loving others, moments that make a never ending memory, devotionals that draw you closer to others and our heavenly Father, singing outside with a group of people that are lifting their hearts to the Lord, to the celebration and praise of a well of which clean water flows... Thank you God for this experience!

In God's will is my longing

In His presence total peace 

My life I fully give

Eternity hope to see

A people with so little 

A desire to move a head

Communication broken with a smile, a touch, a hug

Laughter that resonates to the heavens up above

Culture an amount different

Beauty from within

Each day a new beginning

Future not always clear

God be their provider

Your voice I pray they hear