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Isaiah's Response 6:8 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves people all over the world while bringing the good news of Jesus Christ.

We have connections in many countries and help meet various needs in as many as we can possibly facilitate.

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Remembering Fred Dallas

Whom shall I send? Who will go for me? Just like Isaiah, Fred Dallas answered that question with a passion.

“Me, Lord. Send me!!!”


Fred’s love for his Lord, his appreciation for God’s grace and his enthusiasm for sharing the Good News with people all around the world left a lasting impression on everyone he met.

His hearts desire was to help others see the world through God’s eyes. IR68 was created for that purpose. Over a thousand men and women have traveled to 20 countries on 5 continents to bring the love of Jesus Christ to a world that desperately needs Him.

It was Fred’s fervent desire that this work continue. I promised him that it would.

We will continue to GO.

Will you join us?

Ken Bridges, Valerie Ross Bridges, Ron & Lisa Ogea Davis

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