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I’ve considered Fred Dallas my pastor since arriving at SBC just a few years ago.  His pastoral care for the members and his love for missions have an individual impact on everyone he touches. So, when he asked, "Would you be interested in going to Honduras on a mission trip with a group I’m taking?", I only had a few obstacles to overcome to say yes! I needed a birth certificate, a passport and the trip money, all within 8 weeks! With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).

Pastor Fred has spoken over the years of Living Waters and his trips, so my heart was prepared for this journey. The friendships of my traveling companions will be life-long. The impressions left from the Hondurans and the LWI crew and staff are cemented in my heart.  I will sing of His love forever and my love for those Honduran children!

Susan Jones, Kingwood, TX

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There is no way I can provide a one paragraph description of how God blessed me during the recent Living Water International mission trip to Honduras. I can say it was one of the greatest weeks of my life. The primary purpose of our team was to share the love of Christ while drilling a fresh water well in a small village that had no access to fresh water or electricity. The mission was a complete success, praise God, and the blessings went far beyond providing clean water to this wonderful community of men, women, and children.

I experienced many impactful moments where God's presence was revealed.  Early in the week we were challenged by our ministry leader to consider God's purpose for our life. The challenge was could we express it in ONE sentence. It provided each of us a unique opportunity to draw closer in our relationship to God.  Late one evening while in prayer, God confirmed my life's purpose....."Seek Him, Serve Him, Share Him". This reflects who I am and who I will always be. 
I encourage each of you to seek God's purpose for your life, and try and refine it to one sentence. I am so thankful for the opportunity to share the love of Christ, and ask that you consider joining the ministry of IR68. You will be blessed!  

Ted Hagberg, Houston, TX

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During my 42 years working in the oil business, I had the responsibility to lead in a number of different situations.  I was comfortable doing that in a business environment but leading a mission team to do the God's work was an entirely different situation.  I really didn't want to mess that up!!

God had prepared me to step up and give it a try and that He would be there to help us along the way.  The team that God selected for this trip was great!!  We had several rookies on the team both male and female but the group bonded so well and worked together smoothly.  Everyone did their share and more...they were fantastic.  The LWI team we worked for was excellent as usual. 

God blessed the village and us with a great experience and a great well.  The whole team remarked on the love and appreciation that the village showed to us during our stay.

It's interesting how each trip we take, He exposes us to a different set of circumstances and experiences.  We go down on a mission to help bring clean water to a village, but God has other things that He wants to accomplish in us and in the village!

Dave Owens, Kingwood, TX

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More than a dream come true was to discover the purpose of the call of God on my life was to find a way to continue giving my life to the service of his work; was beautiful to be the hands and feet of God and show love to others.  One thing I'm pretty sure is that in the small village THE APPLE seed of love of Jesus through a water well never is going to be erased.

Malory Solarte, Cali, Columbia


It is amazing to see God use every resource He created, something so basic as water, to reach souls and demonstrate his love through it. 

Working with the people of the community as well as the team I went with was so humbling. The whole experience not only allowed me to see God's magnificent work, but it further confirmed my desire to dedicate my life to full-time missions. 

Carla Blumetti, Argentina/New Jersey


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For over two years I thought about, and knew that I would someday be part of a mission trip that would bring God’s Word, God’s love, and God’s witnesses to people in need. 

My heart finally accepted Isaiah's Response, and I was ready to go.  What started as a blessing to a small village in Honduras, turned into a blessing for our whole group. We were witnesses to God’s love and glory that week.  The experience surpassed all of my already high expectations.  I view this as my first mission trip, because I am definitely going again.

Tom Dallago, Kingwood, TX


I’m convinced that we find our greatest joy and sense of fulfillment when we’re doing what we were created to do. My journey began with a week-long trip to Mexico in 2003. To look up from my own small sphere of existence and see the physical and spiritual needs of a hurting world demanded a personal response. 

Since that time, IR68 has invested in me, providing opportunities to honor my Creator from the streets of Cali, Colombia to remote communities in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala. Their support and encouragement have allowed me to discover and to develop the gifts God has given me, as well as to act on His call on my life to share His love with Spanish speaking people.

Nancy Serrett, Kingwood, TX

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Visiting another country (Honduras) allowed me to see people that are living in poverty but are rich in God's love. They reminded me how simple life should be. We are here to love God, love others, and serve our Lord unselfishly. The devotional time with my team was such a sweet time to get to know each other and hear how God was working in their lives. 

This trip gave new meaning to Ephesians 3:20, "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all than we can ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us." We just have to say, "Yes, Lord,".

Vicki Clemmons, Houston, TX

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On an IR68 sponsored trip to Guatemala, we met an elderly gentleman who says he has been praying for clean water for over 70 years. When he saw that fresh water came out of their new well, he cried giving glory to GOD.

I am reminded that GOD’s plan is perfect and that he answers prayers in his perfect timing, Romans 8:28.

Every mission trip I go on, GOD is always teaching me something new about his character and love for the world.

David Schultz, Kingwood, TX